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Virgin Izakaya is a modern izakaya-style restaurant that specializes in traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine.

The VIRGIN IZAKAYA BAR is a modern izakaya-style restaurant that specializes in traditional, but contemporary Japanese cuisine.


At Virgin Izakaya authentic elements are given a fresh look when combined with creative techniques; not just on the menu, but throughout the concept as a whole. The traditional robata grill is at the heart of the restaurant giving center stage to the chefs creating dishes. Here, guests will be able to watch the art of seeing their culinary desires prepared directly in front of them.

Traditional techniques are combined with Virgin Izakaya’s unique signature resulting in spectacular dishes.

Enjoy raw fish as sashimi, delicious kushiyaki or go for grilled robata specialities. The Virgin Izakaya bar offers a spot to sip selected wines, first class cocktails, as well as rare types of sake.

The unique culinary concept of Virgin Izakaya involves serving different courses on small plates one after the other so that everyone gets a chance to try something they have never had before. A discussion of Japanese cuisine afterwards is part of the experience.
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